Strong technical force
       Years of accumulation and development, our technical team is fully able to provide our customers with strong support, "Eagle Wheel Engineering, Shandong University Center" has been covered by metal, metal heat treatment mechanics, mechanical power design and manufacturing technology . And to use the machine to display a high cost, pursuit of the ultimate goal as a product.
First-class manufacturing equipment
        Founded in September 2006, total investment 80 million yuan. The company has world-class grinding, heat treatment and other processing equipment 600 sets of gear and the only one in Shandong province, Taiwan and Switzerland RZ400 efficient worm grinder. The formation of leading, Shandong province the amount of equipment has the largest and most competitive grinding machine production line. Ipsen furnace from Germany more than 211 production lines, single row, double row carburizing line isothermal normalizing continuous production line, composed of nitrogen production line in Shandong province, best, most extensive heat treatment production line; by the advanced horizontal machining centers and vertical machining centers and CNC machine tools consisting of dozens of CNC machining production line. Strong advantage of the sophisticated equipment the company will become the Shandong Eagle currently the only one with full rear axle gear CNC machine tools production enterprise.