Gear tooth dynamic force research new techniques for finishing hardened tooth

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       High-precision grinding is hardened tooth processing technology methods, high precision machining, grinding teeth, but there is expensive equipment, low productivity and adjustment difficulties and other shortcomings. Traditional grinding teeth tooth surface roughness can only be improved, to a small amount of tooth and the tooth to repair the error, the error of other trim little. Because the grinding teeth, the two engage in a free state, the amount of sliding across the tooth surface is uneven, sliding around in the pitch is small, the tooth root, tooth large sliding roof, so a long time due to uneven grinding slide leaving lower quality profile.
       With new technology continually hardened finishing research and exploration, grinding process has been developed. Involute gear tooth grinding new technology to involute gears meshing characteristics, dynamics and abrasive cutting principles of engagement as the theoretical basis, application of dynamic theory of grinding and errors are different from the traditional design of the new grinding method used gear meshing of the gear tooth surface itself, the error dynamic forces generated under the action of the abrasive finishing gear, the gear can significantly improve the accuracy and high productivity.

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