Plastic gears are widely used in the industry will become the global trend

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       The primary use of two gears, a motion is passed, the other is the transmission of power. At present, the first plastic gears are used to transmit motion, while Western powers are now in the transmission power of choice, but also more and more use of plastic gears. As the plastic gears with low transmission noise, you can either promise absorber, self-lubricating, high efficiency production model processing advantages of plastic gears in the gear industry, more and more applications will become a worldwide trend.
       Injection molding production model is the most critical gear parts. Gear production model application can be divided into three areas: the production model with plastic gears, powder metallurgy and forging gears with bevel gear production model with production models. Among them, the plastic gear with a relatively large demand for production models. Gear is a more sophisticated parts, a little small deviation may affect the function of all the gear-like. Plastic gear production model looks simple, it is the most complex, such as gear module, helix angle, size, holes and other factors affect the determination of gear production model design. Accuracy problems, life gear production model is the top priority. Currently the gear is still in the initial stage of production models, are generally small plastic gear module for processing using the production model, but because the processing of plastic gear will show deformation and shrinkage, and contraction after the change in the accuracy of discipline, the current domestic research not depth, which is constraining the development of plastic gear production model is one important reason.


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